Beast (c. 2010)

Wait a minute. It appears I have lied. I couldn’t keep it hidden as hard as I tried. Tripping its way out of my mind. Leaving me sweaty and somewhat tongue-tied. It came back from the dead. Removing its cover and rising from bed. Roaring and clawing at whatever was near. It summoned itself and brought back my worst fear. Slowing rising, it’s come back again. Cleaning the mud and making itself clear. It and I are at eye level again. stuck in the madness and in the sin. “Black from the heart and onto the skin. Trying to ignore the canine within. Boasting a genius that doesn’t exist. Stuck in the same sadness; stuck in the same sin.” It’s then I realized I was against my reflection. Hovering quietly and avoiding detection. The beast writhed in blood and sweat. Its skin dripping, moist, wet. Its teeth gnawing and biting the sky. Itself an image of what I can’t forget. It bellowed from within its core. It was full, but wanted more. “The lost soul of a childhood dream. Trying to hold on to nothing it would seem. Losing, but already lost its grip. Fighting for the losing team. The beast knows the thoughts and the fears. Every pain and all the tears.” I tensed and knew this was my brain. Arguing with me for no gain. Sucking me in and spitting me out. Dealing its brand of emotional pain. Using my words, it moved in to attack. “The knife’s in the heart, and in the back.”


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