The Killing of Black People by White People, Part the Infinity

It’s almost a tradition at this point.

A white guy shot and killed an unarmed black kid.

This time it happened to be in Ferguson, MO. (not Detroit or Charlotte like those other times).

Or in Florida, which can’t seem to get anything right.

Michael Brown, an eighteen-year old black man, was shot a week ago by a white police officer. It’s believed the altercation started when the officer found Brown walking in the middle of the street (this was after Brown was claimed to had just robbed a convenient store). In the days following the shooting, there has been everything from nationwide protests to Twitter #IfTheyGunnedMeDown campaigns.

The protests started off peaceful, and appeared “more like a party,” reported Rachel Lippmann of St. Louis Public Radio. Now, after Friday, they have a real Civil Rights / Watts Riots vibe, but they have tear gas this time (not to mention snipers on rooftops), in a town with fewer than 25,000 people. How appropriate.

Yes, tear gas. You know, the stuff they use in places like Ukraine or Venezuela? The stuff banned for use in warfare since the Chemical Weapons Convention in ’93?

Wait, Police Chief Thomas Jackson has something to say.

“There are complaints about the response from some people, but to me, nobody got hurt seriously, and I’m happy about that. I’m happy that nobody got hurt,” Jackson said at a press conference today.

Thank the void for nerve gas experts, and other people who know better. But I think Chief Jackson could have done worse. At least he’s not making things harder on a grieving family by withholding the name of the officer who shot and killed their child.

Jackson was adamant, however, that he would not release the name of the officer who shot Brown due to concerns for the officer’s safety. Even if Brown’s family began to take legal steps to have the name made public, “there’s the appeal process,” Jackson told ABC.

Hmm, well.

These problems call for deadlier and more intricate solutions (I guess), and the trademark lack of transparency by the police has been beefed up with conflicting accounts of what happened and why. The friend said the cigars were stolen? A lawyer for the store said no robbery was reported?

The police department has declined to make an official statement, as they haven’t decided if the officer had responded to the unreported robbery or if he found the teen walking in the middle of the street. And they’re too busy shooting reporters with rubber bullets and arresting them. Ah, the perks of a militarized police force. America!

And Warren Kanders? I’m almost waiting for them to say he isn’t making money off of this.

Despicable doughnut-dunking policemen aside, the trend (a word which here means “a national tradition since Chris thought he had made it to India”) of police officers doesn’t seem to letting up, and it makes me wonder if angry protests such as “Peace and non-violence aren’t enough! They’re killing our children!” are too much, or too little too late.

Of course Barry had something to say.

In a post-Black society (which will need to be better established and maintained after 2016), we will get to a place where we will ask ourselves “Is this a big deal, or am I overreacting?” And when we respond by saying “It’s a big deal,” we’ll then have to ask ourselves “What am I going to do about it?”

And @Anti_Intellect is killing it. Every time.


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