A Word from Our Sponsor

And now, a word from our sponsor.

By A.M. Hemingway.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Of course it is! The government says so. Would the government lie to you? Is there even such a thing as an ambiguous government?

Hey, what does “ambiguous” mean, anyway?

We don’t know ’cause we don’t define words, buddy. We make breakfast cereal. You might have heard of us. We’re quite popular with kids, adults, and whatever people are in between. Yep. Everyone is addicted to our cereal! We should know.

We put cocaine in it.

Pure, uncut, crack cocaine. We coat our flakes with the powder, put it in a box, market it to children, and stock the shelves of your local grocery store with the stuff. Legal? Oh, it’s legal. Trust us!

Frosted Flakes. They’re Legal.

This has been a word from our sponsor.


A.M. Hemingway broods and writes. His work has appeared here, elsewhere, and in his head. His short story collection, A Ghost Hovers Where Time Shadows, both does and does not exist.