Mouth Peace

I am truly amazed at the variety of worldviews on the planet. Of course, no story is ever told in the same manner. Therefore, no story should ever be told as if it were the only one. Yet, there are those who seek to generalize a single perspective at the expense of others. I believe this to be a sort of hegemony or intellectual imperialism, if you will. These intellectual imperialists place their worldview at the center, and they marginalize all others.

I am sensitive to this sort of mental occupation. I try to be mindful of language and tone. Conversations framed in peace resemble journeys destined for mutual understanding. A peaceful conversation differs from a violent conversation. Violent conversations (i.e. conversations framed in war) seek to create a winner and a loser, a conqueror and a conquered, a colonizer and a colonized.

All things considered, I’d rather have egalitarian conversations, especially when the topics are polarizing. Conversations framed in mutual sharing foster comfortable connections and nurtures the possibility of a shared, complex, and diverse reality.


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