Self-Determination of the Body

It seems that I am in constant negotiation with the rules of others. I consider an ‘other’ to be any entity that is not me: individuals, institutions, the environment. The preferences and prejudices of a person of interest on a train must be negotiated to find common ground with my own preferences and prejudices. The dress code prescribed by a job requires negotiation to match the dress code prescribed by my current wardrobe. The sleep requirements presented by the body I occupy negotiates the schedule that organizes my time.

These negotiations are always ongoing. There are more negotiations happening than those I listed. Treaties are agreed upon, broken, and renegotiated. It is the nature of war and peace, disorder and order. I have issues with relegating myself to the rules of others while under duress. I require, desire, need independence and freedom. Independence recognizes my body as a sovereign entity, and freedom allows me to set the terms and conditions of my body. I refused to be colonized.

Compliance is a choice. I will not compromise myself into slavery, a form of nonexistence.


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