Your Former Self and Other Odd Occurrences

Your former

self used

to go

deep into

wooded areas

to find

the things

and places

people and

time had



The Johnsons

touched often,

now touch

little, will

touch less.

The Smiths

touched often,

still touch

often, will

touch often.

They are

touching now.


When you

found the

forgotten places

it would

rain and

now when

it rains

you feel

a feeling

you cannot

describe, not

with this

heavy, foreign,

mechanical language.


A man

maintains a

popular blog.

He writes

posts each

day on

how he

would kill

himself. He

is quite



When you

found the

forgotten places

you found

what other

people had

forgotten and

not what

you had

forgotten, the

thing you

had forgotten

being your

former self.


Cannibalism is

legal. Meat

from humans

is expensive.

A young

chef faces

ethical and

political backlash

after she

suggests using

meat from



Nowadays you

encounter past

lives but

no wooded

areas. Plenty

of clouds

but no



Siri is

told to

play some

gangsta shit.

Siri says

it cannot

find any

gangsta *bleep.*


At some

point, when

you had

aged quite

a bit

but not

by much,

you saw

your former

selves flip

by, the

way cartoons

turn into

animations. The

past animates

you and

gives you



A diagnostician

specializing in

infectious diseases

will dream

she has

fallen asleep

in front

of the

television. Later,

she will

be in

the television,

but unable

to remember

her dream.


You do

not think

the past

has died,

but certain

parts of

the past

has killed

certain parts

of you.

At home,

when you

are alone,

you think

about your

past self.

You wonder

if you

could go

back, could

you be



Streetlights turn

people into

shadows. The

shadows stretch

across the

park. Some

of the

shadows stop

to observe

spooky action

at a



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