The scene opens in a

dark park between streets unseen.

At first there is the

sound of a swing swinging

back and forth; the sound


of chain scraping against chain.

The wind blows and with

it comes the sound of

low and heavy drums. Elsewhere,

the stage has been set


up with a brick house

surrounded by monsters. In no

time they break the glass,

flood the home, and start

tearing shit apart. One monster


finds a woman and drags

her by the hair into

the street. The drums seem

closer than before, all the

while shadows in the darkness


gather with great gusto, sauntering

down the painted stage streets,

sounding like the word exhausted.

The monsters have converged on

the other end of the


stage, on this woman, but

now the shadows have converged

on them. The night is

still. Nothing is moving. Everything

is waiting. One of the


monsters raises his hands, tells

the shadows to get back,

flashes his badge. Without warning

the shadows moved. It was

just supposed to be this


one time, this one night,

this one life. But these

niggas had might as well

been enslaved Blacks in Virginia

‘cause all of a sudden

everyone had to die. They


made their way off the

stage, up the aisles, and

started tearing the audience apart.


Then the shadows made their

way outside. Then they began

marching down the streets. Moving,

breathing, living, thinking, sounding, looking

like the word “doom.” End



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